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WEBSITE PRICING INCLUDES (prices as advertised):

  • Installation with all required parts
  • 10 year labour warranty


MyStartPlus Phone Integration
Add-on to any of our remote starter systems
No subscription fees
Coverage map
$100 Installed

Compustar Drone Integration with GPS tracking
Add-on to any remote start or security system
Subscription required
Unlimited range
$200 installed

Manual transmission vehicles, push-to-start systems, and certain make/model vehicles will require additional parts or labour

Security & Remote Starter Combo

Compustar PRO T12

  • One 2-way 5-button LCD transmitter (rechargeable), One 2-way 4-button LED remote
  • 3 mile range
  • Water and shock proof USB rechargable remote
  • 3 year remote warranty
  • Also available remote starter without alarm $650 Installed

Compustar 901SS

  • One 2-way 5-button LCD transmitter (rechargeable), One 1-way 4-button remote
  • 1 mile range
  • USB rechargable remote
  • Also available remote starter without alarm $550 Installed

Compustar PRIME T9

  • One 2-way 4-button LCD transmitter, One 1-way 4-button remote
  • 3000 feet range
  • Also available remote starter without alarm $500 Installed

Remote Starter Only


Idatastart 3X LOCK from $350 Installed


Prime R3 1-way

  • Two 1-way 1-button remotes
  • 1000 feet range

Prime G15 1-way

  • Two 1-way 4-button remotes
  • 1000 feet range

Prime R3 2-way

  • One 2-way 1-button LED remote, One 1-way 1-button remote
  • 3ooo feet range

Prime G15 2-way

  • One 2-way 4-button LED remote, One 1-way 4-button remote
  • 3000 feet range

Pro R3 2WAY

  • Two 2-way 1-button LED remotes
  • 2 mile range
  • 3 year remote warranty

Pro g15 2-way

  • Two 2-way 4-button LED remotes
  • 2 Mile range
  • 3 year warranty


  • LT Series
  • Two 2-way 4-button remotes
  • 3000 feet range


  • LT Series
  • One 2-way 4-button LED remote, One 1-way 4-button remote
  • 3000 feet range


  • LT Series
  • Two 1-way 4-button transmitters
  • 1000 feet range

Prime G6

  • Two 1-way 4-button transmitters
  • Water-proof
  • 1000 feet range

Alarm Only


  • One 2-way 5-button LCD transmitter (rechargeable), One 2-way 4-button LED remote
  • 3 mile range
  • Water-proof and shock-proof casing


  • One 2-way 5-button LCD transmitter (rechargeable), One 1-way 4-button remote
  • 1 mile range


  • One 2-way 4-button LCD transmitter, One 1-way 4-button remote
  • 3000 feet range


  • Two 4-button remotes
  • 3000 feet range



There are many things to consider when shopping for a alarm or starter system.

Auto-links carries a wide range of remote start, security, and convenience systems from Compustar and their sister company Idatastart.   Warm up or cool down your vehicle from the comfort of your home or office!  With extreme Canadian climates, keep you and your family out of extreme weather conditions that are experienced when your vehicle is parked outdoors for an extended period of time.  It may be confusing when shopping for a system with so many different brands, options, and shops.  With a quality unit and proper installation, you should expect your system to last the life of your vehicle.  Remote batteries will need to be replaced every 6-12 months depending on usage (except for systems with rechargeable remotes), and as they are a regular wear and tear item you should expect to have to replace transmitters every 3-5 years.   We only sell the best systems which all include a 1 year warranty on remotes and lifetime warranty on components, with an over-the-counter exchange warranty.  Our installers are MECP certified and we provide a 10 year labour warranty.


Here are some items to consider when selecting a system for your vehicle:

What kind of vehicle you drive

  • Most cars year 2000 or newer will require a bypass interface module.  This will integrate the remote starter with your vehicle’s security and immobilizer system, and allow the vehicle to start without the key in the ignition.  All of our pricing includes this required module.  If your vehicle does not have a factory immobilizer, the module price will be discounted from your installation.
  • Newer Push-to-start ignition systems are more complex than standard turn key systems, and do require additional labour ($50).  Depending on your vehicle manufacturer and model, most systems will allow integration of your factory remote to allow remote start from your factory FOB as well as door handle entry.  Please note some vehicle models will shut down once you open the door.
  • Manual transmission vehicles are safe to remote start, however you must enter “reservation mode” before you will be able to remote start.  Additional parts & labour is required for manual transmission vehicles ($80)
  • Please note all of our pricing are starting prices, some vehicles will require additional modules and/or labour.  Please contact us for a vehicle specific quote!

System requirements

  • All of our starting pricing includes: Control module, 2 remotes, bypass module, and labour.
  • All of our remote starter installations include:  Power lock integration, factory alarm integration (if vehicle equipped), power trunk/hatch release (if vehicle equipped), 2x lock horn honk/panic function, parking light flash (parking lights will flash when you lock/unlock, option for when vehicle is started).
  • Our systems are available with remote start only, or remote start with alarm.
  • If security is a concern, our 2-way LCD systems will provide you notifications if there are any triggers on the vehicle.  All entry points are covered (door/hood/trunk), a shock sensor will detect any impact on the vehicle, and a tilt sensor will detect if the vehicle is being lifted on any angle.
  • Auxiliary outputs (rear defrost, power sliding doors, etc.) can be activated by certain models with additional outputs.

Range/Remote requirements

  • If the vehicle is always close range the Factory Style (3x LOCK on the Original OEM remote) would be the best system.  This setup would be restricted to the range of the OEM transmitter.
  • Can you see the vehicle when you need to remote start it? If your vehicle parked visibly from indoors, the parking lights will activate when the vehicle is remote started and remain on for the duration of the runtime.  In this case a 1-way system would be suitable for your application.  1-way systems range from 1000 to 3000 feet range.
  • If you can not see the vehicle a 2-way system would be suitable.  2-way paging remotes will confirm all vehicle commands directly through the remote.
  • 2-way LCD remotes are larger but provide visible readouts, audible tones and/or vibration notifications.  LCD models also provide the longest distance range and are usually rechargeable.
  • 2-way LED models provide notifications through LED lights and audible tones and are more compact than LCD models.
  • One button systems are ideal for vehicles with Push-to-start systems.  Depending on your vehicle manufacturer, many systems will allow you to retain your factory handle entry and factory remote functions.  One button systems are the smallest design and size and available in 1-way or 2-way.

If you have any further questions regarding systems available, or a vehicle-specific quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Please note all prices are starting prices, including 1 (one) bypass module and installation.  If your vehicle does not require a bypass module, module price will be deducted from advertised pricing.  All prices exclude HST.

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