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Auto-Links is proud to be Toronto’s East Feynlab Ceramic installation Centre.

You love your vehicle.
Traditionally, we used to trust waxes & sealants to protect our vehicle’s paint.  Usually done once a year, wipe on & wipe off an additional layer of “protection” over the clear coat and contamination that has already soaked into the paint.  This method only lasts 4-6 months, and once worn/washed off leaves your clear coat extremely vulnerable to scratching, swirls, dulling, oxidation, and eventually paint corrosion.    Your paint does not feel or look smooth anymore, water sits on the surfaces causing water marks, and is very prone to attracting dust, dirt, and stains.  Even worse, in recent years manufacturers’ have now switched to water-based paints, that are thinner than ever before and vulnerable to harsh Canadian climate in addition to road debris, dirt, dust, salt, etc.  Every day no matter what season, your vehicle’s paint and clear coat is getting damaged.

Your vehicle is a large investment for many, and whether you are an extreme enthusiast or just want to protect your investment, Feynlab Ceramic paint protection coating has a solution for you.

What is Feynlab Ceramic Coating?

New innovation previously used in automotive for items like our FormulaOne Pinnacle ceramic window film, ceramic engine additives, have further advanced ceramic technology, and have created a coating designed to adhere to the paint’s clear coat and form a glass coating on top of the surface. Once installed professionally, and hardened (24 hour install time), forms a semi-permanent, transparent, super gloss, yet flexible coating to not only give your car the showroom shine for many years to come but more importantly provide a protective layer from elements that would normally adhere to your clear coat and damage your paint.  Further than protection, our ceramic prevents minor surface scratches & also eases maintenance with self-cleaning properties.

How does it work?

Feynlab ceramic coating consists of durable nano-ceramic particles, once applied and cured, bonds to the clear coat creating an invisible glass layer which is able to expand and contract as it is exposed to different environmental situations.  Feynlab ceramic can be considered a secondary clear coat, and our Ceramic Plus even has self healing technology & to further protect your paint.  UV properties in the coating will also prevent your original colour from ever fading, dulling, oxidizing.

Self cleaning properties creating a super hydrophobic glass layer will not allow items such as bird droppings, tree sap, bug & tar splatter, paint, and other items which were previously known as clear coat killers, to bond to your paint.  A simple rinse with water will have these items rolling off the paint.

Installation at Auto-links includes 4 stage paint preparation & decontamination, complete polish of the vehicle, and professional application of the coating.  This is a semi-permanent coating, that does require an annual top up.

Can I install myself?  Yes the product is sold globally and we do sell over the counter (Feynlab Lite), however the product should be applied by certified installers as if the paint is not corrected properly or the coating is not applied evenly the results will not be desirable.

About Feynlab
  • Pioneer in the automotive coating industry
  • Designed and manufactured in America

Feynlab Ceramic Lite

-1 year warranty
-3-stage vehicle decontamination and 1-stage machine polish
-One layer of Feynlab Ceramic lite
-Completion time 24 hours
Starting from $600+HST

Feynlab Ceramic

-3 year warranty
-3-stage vehicle decontamination and 1-stage machine polish
-One layer of Feynlab Ceramic
-Completion time 24 hours
Starting from $800+HST

Feynlab Ceramic Plus

-5 year warranty
-3-stage vehicle decontamination and 1-stage machine polish
-One layer of Feynlab Ceramic Plus
-Completion time 24 hours
Starting from $1200+HST


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